I am an Assistant Professor in Agricultural Economics at Colorado State University. My current research, teaching, and outreach areas include agricultural labor economics, agricultural business management, agricultural industrial organization, and econometrics.


My research centers around understanding the factors that affect worker productivity and labor supply, including wage contracts, benefits, peer effects, environmental factors, and specialty certifications; assessing policy implications, including recent state changes in overtime and minimum wage laws and long-standing laws and agreements such as the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act; and addressing measurement challenges related to agricultural workers and immigrant populations, including measures of injuries and illnesses in agriculture and the number of undocumented workers in the U.S. population. Please click on the Research tab to learn more.


My current teaching consists of an upper-level undergraduate course in Human Resource Management in Agriculture and a graduate course in Production Economics. I am currently developing an upper level undergraduate course called data-driven decision-making in agriculture that will be launched in Spring 2023. Please click on the Teaching tab to learn more.


I have extensive experience working with individual agricultural businesses to measure and improve labor-related outcomes. I have worked with a variety of data sources collected by individual farm employers, including payroll, quality assurance records, sales data, and food safety records. I have also worked to collect my own information on labor-related issues in Colorado and have combined this with a variety of publicly available data sources to offer groups of agricultural businesses suggestions on improving worker relations and business outcomes. Please click on the Extension tab to learn more.